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XPress Your Vision

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http://uspeh-bg.net/ -
              Production Enterprise “Uspeh-UBB” Ltd  

www.obviousleonardo.org -
              project "Let’s help young visually impaired people choose profession –
              Training for parents and relatives"

www.mlsp.government.bg - the website of the Ministry of Labour and
              Social Policy

http://labourforblind.bg/ - Employment office for persons with visual

www.euroblind.org - European Blind Union

www.rnib.org.uk - Royal National Institute for the Blind - England

http://www.nllb.bg/ - National Library Club “ Louis Braille”

http://dubinabg.eu/ - website of Serghey Dubinaprograms, books

http://bezmonitor.com/ - website of Viktor Lubenov talking books

http://mirror.kumanov.com/123/index.htm - Specialized software,
              information, texts

http://www.gracebg.org/index.htm - Christian literature

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